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SLIDELL, La. -- It all started with a Facebook post Friday afternoon about a welfare call to a home in the Kingspoint area last month.

That's where St. Tammany Parish deputies found five children alone, with no beds and little food other than curdled milk.

The children, 13-, 11-, 7- and twin 5-year-olds, told deputies their father was bailing their mother out of jail, who was arrested for domestic abuse. A neighbor said the man had been begging for money in the area.

It was 9 p.m. on a school night and the children said they hadn't eaten since lunch, so Deputy Rickey Edwards and Deputy Ed Stone did something about it.

'I walked in the kitchen, he was making dinner,' said the deputies' supervisor, Lt. Calvin Lewis. 'After dinner was made, he woke up two of the kids, fed them, and another deputy, Ed Stone, arrived on scene, and after going through the cabinets and the refrigerator, there was no food in the house. He took it upon himself to drive to Walmart and got about $100 worth of groceries.'

'We're fortunate to see that our deputies do acts of kindness day in and day out that the department never hears about,' said Sheriff Jack Strain.

Once the community saw what the deputies did for the children, they started commenting on the Facebook post and asking what they could do to further help the children.

Cindi Corkhill is one of dozens who have offered to donate. She wants to give two beds and then some.

'Usually you don't hear good stories about the sheriff's office helping. You usually hear about them taking the kids not helping,' she said, 'But, so if the sheriff's office can help, and other people want to step in too, I have bags of clothes.'

It's a good deed by law enforcement that the community is working to build on.

The childrens' father returned about two hours later and told deputies the family had just moved to the area from Texas with no family nearby for help.

He said he was out of work chasing a boxing career and had food stamps for the family but hadn't been able to go to the store yet.

The Department of Child and Family Services is also involved with helping the family. If you'd like to help too, contact the St. Tammany Sheriff's Office.

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