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NEW ORLEANS, La. -- The former coroner of St. Tammany is scheduled to learn his punishment from a federal judge Wednesday.

Peter Galvan pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to steal governmental funds in October 2013, and then resigned as part of a plea deal.

Galvan is facing a maximum of five years in prison, a $250,000 fine and restitution that is worth double what he has taken from the victims, the taxpayers, regarding only the allegations raised by the federal government.

Those allegations include receiving more than $100,000 of improper sick and vacation leave, along with more than $30,000 in personal purchases with office funds and coroner credit cards.

Two other people were mentioned in the allegations as conspirators, though they have not been named, and no other indictments have come down at this time.

Dozens of people have weighed in on what they think Galvan's punishment should be in letters to the judge, and the suggestions are across the board.

One letter from a Slidell woman says, 'Mr. Galvan has worked to destroy the public's confidence in his office and was arrogantly remorseless in his attitude even after reports of his outrageous meals, purchase of toys and use of his office to create personal wealth were exposed.' 'Please help communicate a message to corrupt public officials that the citizenry can ill afford this type of behavior by giving Mr. Galvan a long time for contemplation and reflection on his behavior,' she continued.

On the opposition, a Slidell couple, who has been patients of Galvan's private practice for years, says, 'He did not fail as a Coroner to manage an office to deliver excellent public service, he failed regarding money misspent.' 'If misuse of money was the crime, then let money be the punishment and restitution,' they added.

WWL-TV will have full coverage as Galvan's sentenced is handed down in Federal Court Wednesday.

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