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The New Orleans Police Department is investigating a carjacking and robbery that happened in the 2900 block of Ursulines Avenue Wednesday night. The female victim did not want to be identified.

The woman says around 8:15 p.m. she was driving home to her apartment on Ursulines Avenue. After parking her car in front of her apartment, she opened the car door and was about to exit when a man quickly grabbed her arm. Within seconds, she had a gun was pointed right at her face.

'He said, 'Give me your money,' so I threw my purse at him and he continued to pull me out of my car and then he told me to run. So I ran through the front gate to the house,' said the victim.

New Orleans police are searching for the stolen vehicle which is a white Mazda 6 with Louisiana license plate numbers SOE 185. The two suspects were last seen wearing black masks. The victim says the thieves not only robbed her of her car and purse, but they also stole her sense of safety in her neighborhood.

'Is he going to shoot me or are they going to take me and drive away with me? That was the most intense moment, just having to think about those things. Prior to this, I would have felt totally okay walking down the street at that time of night by myself,' said the victim.

Nelson Savioe has lived in the Faubourg St. John neighborhood for 28 years. He says there's good a reason why he has a high fence and surveillance cameras.

'It's starting to get worse with the petty crime, that's what I would call that. Of course. a carjacking is not a petty crime, but it's all starting to get bolder,' said Savioe.

Savioe says he and other neighbors have noticed men have been posing as newspapers carriers to get residents to open their doors. Savioe says one neighbor did just that and became the victim of a home invasion.

'The neighbors need to be more alert. You don't ever go meet somebody, especially if they ring your back door bell,' said Savioe.

Residents of New Orleans are often told to be aware of our surroundings. As this latest carjacking demonstrates, that applies to your front yard as well. The NOPD is asking anyone with information on this carjacking to call Crime Stoppers at 504-822-1111.

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