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NEW ORLEANS, La. -- Where Holy Cross High School once stood is now nothing but an eyesore. But, that could change as one developer wants to turn the old school site into a new retail and condominium development.

The developer's plan is not sitting well with neighbors, however, and in a meeting that will be held Thursday, a decision could be made that would make way for the redevelopment of the former Holy Cross School site in the 9th Ward.

The proposed development calls for two 7-story buildings which would house about 300 residents, in addition to a mix of retail options, and the proposal has actually been scaled back from the original plans, which called for much taller buildings.

Thursday's meeting is a follow-up meeting held a little less than a month ago, in which some residents stormed the council chambers demanding the city block the proposal.

Some residents complained the development would be too tall and dense for the area, which is full of historic shotgun houses, and several residents and social groups have been very outspoken about the development, calling it too big and a violation of zoning rules.

Currently, a building in the area can't be taller than 40 feet, but the proposed plan outlines a 75-foot-tall complex.

Others weren't as opposed to the plans citing that the new development could bring in much needed retail and business in general, back to the area.

The lower 9th Ward was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and has undergone a very slow recovery process ever since.

The former site of Holy Cross High School has been left desolate since Katrina and the group Revive Lower 9 sees the desolation as an opportunity and a centerpiece for their plans for recovery in the area.

The meeting is set for Thursday and is expected to be a highly contested one from some of the residents living in the area.

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