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SHREVEPORT, La. -- Shreveport Police say they had to deal with quite a mess Tuesday morning on I-220, above I-20, after a big rig accident dumped his entire load of corn dogs on the roadway.

Corporal Marcus Hines says they were called to the scene of the incident around 3:40 a.m., and that traffic had to be diverted into late morning, while dump trucks were brought in to try to clear the interstate that was covered with thousands of Foster Farms corn dogs.

Corporal Hines says police also had help from passing motorists.

'There were some reports that passersby were coming in and loading up on some of those corn dogs for dinner,' said Hines. 'It's been a big mess but a lot of folks will be eating pretty good this afternoon.'

Hines says not only were the dogs dumped on the road but also a lot of ketchup and mustard.

'Everything you need to make a good corn dog was in the middle of the roadway,' said Hines.

Nobody was injured in this incident.

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