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NEWORLEANS-- Entergy trucks spent Monday morning in the 2900 block of Falmouth Drive in Algiers. It's the same crew robbed while responding to a power outage there early Friday morning.

New Orleans police say an Entergy employee was sitting in a marked company pick-up when a man approached him with a gun and demanded his cellphone and wallet.

Police say the employee grabbed the gun and a second attacker struck him in the head. They also say the gun was fired, but nobody was hit.

The victim is back on the job, but he and his colleagues were clearly still rattled by the incident.

Entergy released a statement saying, 'The Entergy family is extremely disturbed by the crime committed against one of our linemen while restoring power this weekend. We're thankful that our fellow employee was not seriously injured.'

Algiers neighbor Glen Brubacher said crime is getting out of hand in his West Vank community.

'It's totally unacceptable,' he said. 'I think we just got to tighten up and the community itself has got to tighten up on this thing. We just don't have the police force to do that any more.'

A former Entergy employee lives in the neighborhood. He did not want to be identified, but said it's a shame if families waited to get their power restored because the crew was busy being robbed.

'I really do think that they should give Entergy more respect than that and the employees are trying to get the power on as soon as possible and be safe about it and now they have to worry about crime,' he said.

Entergy said it is fully cooperating with the NOPD investigation and is internally trying to decide whether additional safety measures should be implemented.

Police released this description of the Entergy attackers -- both were black men. The gunman has a thin to medium build, approximately 5'8', with shoulder length braids, and dark clothing with an emblem that was lighter than the shirt he was wearing.

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