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NEWORLEANS-- Charlie Thensted was stunned by the sizable water leak under the sidewalk, because it has happened before.

'It reappeared about a month ago, and I didn't believe my eyes, because this has just been repaired about six months ago,' Thensted said.

It was the subject of an Action Report last July, and Thensted even asked the mayor for help. But what infuriated him was how many times there's been a leak here.

'It's the fifth time in 10 years that this same leak has occurred.'

Thensted's driveway sank, and as the water flowed a couple of hundred feet down the block to the nearest drain, neighbors complained their water pressure was reduced.

But Charlie was furious at seeing what previous repair crews told him come true.

'The last two times the crew has come to here, they say we'll see you in a year or so, because they say we know this is going to break again.' They tell me they're not allowed to repair them with sufficient piping that will make this problem go away permanently, and it is just ridiculous.'

Now could anyone find a statement like that acceptable, at all? Well, I'm contacting the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board, getting in touch with the executives, telling them to come back out here, get this fixed and to do the job right, so they don't have to come back again.'

'They were here first thing the next morning after you came out, which was even faster than it happened last time when I talked directly to the mayor,' Thensted said.

The supervisor said they would look for a permanent solution, so Charlie hopes there won't be a sixth leak here.

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