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NEW ORLEANS -- On a rainy day, getting to Andricka Phillips' apartment means wading through ankle-deep water.

So it's no surprise to her that she's been battling mold and slimy, slug-like bugs for months.

That's what we saw when we visited her New Orleans East apartment two weeks ago. And after her story first aired, she finally got some help.

'Yeah, now that I've gone on the news, yes,' she said.

Phillips' housing is provided through the Permanent Supportive Housing program and the Louisiana Housing Corporation.

The apartment failed two inspections last summer. Since then she and her daughter have been to the emergency room with breathing problems, and she couldn't get any help from the apartment's owner.

Now Phillips is packing boxes to move to a new home. LHC conducted an emergency inspection of the apartment.

A new owner, A&V Investments, recently purchased the property and already sent maintenance to clean up the mold.

'Somebody should have done this a long time ago, because now they're starting to deal with a lot of problems we've been dealing with in here.'

LHC spokeswoman Anna Dearmon told us by phone, 'Fortunately, since your story alerted us to Ms. Phillips' situation, we opened an investigation and are working towards taking care of the situation.'

That solution includes a recently re-done home in Treme.

'Is a three bedroom house now. My kids have a small backyard that they can play in,' Phillips said. 'I love it, just ready to move in it now.'

Phillips just wants to know why she had to stay in a unit that repeatedly failed inspections.

'I think it's sad that I had to go through all that, but it's done now and they're moving me. I did what I had to do.'

After our first story aired, the LHC declined to give any more specific information about Phillips' case, citing health care privacy laws. But Phillips should be moved into her new home this week.

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