Carl Arredondo / WWL-TV Meteorologist

Colorado State University is looking at a below average Atlantic hurricane season due to an El Nino that is expected to develop. They say there have been five similar years to conditions going on now and the previous couple of months.

Those years are 1957, 1963, 1965, 1997, and 2002. However, just because it could be an El Nino season, doesn't mean a big storm can't hit.

1957: Hurricane Audrey was a category 4 hurricane making landfall in SW LA. The earliest a major hurricane has hit the U.S. The Gulf was active with 4 other systems. That year there were 8 storms/3 hurricanes/2 major.

1963: The Gulf was quiet with one hurricane Cindy that made landfall in TX. That year 9 storms/7 hurricanes/2 major.

1965: Hurricane Betsy hit SE LA and there were 2 other system in the Gulf that affected SE LA. That year 6 storms/4 hurricanes/1 major.

1997: The only system in Gulf, Hurricane Danny affected SE LA. That year 8 storms/3 hurricanes/1 major.

2002: Hurricane Lili and T.S. Isidore were big deals for SE LA with flooding. There were 4 other systems in the Gulf that year. That year 12 storms/4 hurricanes/2 major.

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