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NEW ORLEANS -- An arrest warrant for Tulane wide receiver Niguel Veal, known by everyone as Teddy, alleges that an 18-year-old woman visiting Veal's roommate in their dorm room passed out from being drunk and then woke up to find the former West Jeff standout raping her. At Wednesday's brief court hearing, Niguel Veal had to sign a stay-away order. He met briefly with a domestic violence counselor.

On his way out, his attorney said he is innocent, he has given a statement to authorities and he hopes to get the matter cleared up quickly.

'We'll have to see, Michael, how this develops,' said Donald 'Chick' Foret, Veal's attorney. 'But this was not a rape. He's given a statement. He'll be happy to chat with the DA's office to explain to them what happened. It's not a rape, it will never be a rape, and I'm sure the DA's office will make the right decision and the case will be refused.'

Foret not only portrayed his client as innocent but as a model student-athlete who was alone in his dorm room minding his own business when the alleged victim came to his room after a night of partying.

A police report states that complaintant admitted having sex with Veal's roommate before passing out prior to the alleged crime.

'This young man was an honor student at West Jefferson High School,' Foret said. 'He lived in the honors dorm at Tulane. He's majoring in engineering. He's a fine young man. There was no rape.'

Veal's next court date is May 20 for a status hearing.

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