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Answer: Criminals have gotten good at installing 'skimmers' over the card reader on an ATM to snag your account data when you swipe your card. Then, a small camera over the ATM keypad records your pin number when you punch it in. Your best defense is to stay away from remote ATMs; get your cash from a teller or an ATM in a restricted-access foyer. You should also hold your hand over the keypad when you enter your PIN. This blocks a camera from seeing what you're doing.

Talk to your bank and see if you can sign up for mobile text alerts. These will alert you to transactions being made with you card.


Question: I'm not happy with my SiriusXM radio subscription anymore. They took down one of my favorite stations! What can I use in the car instead?

Answer: The best alternative is the Pandora app. Type in an artist from whatever era you wish it will create a custom radio station based on that artist, just for you. You can add other artists and tweak the list in various ways to customize it to a T.

Once the app is downloaded and your station is ready to go, you can run the music through your car radio's auxiliary hookup or Bluetooth.

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