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NEWORLEANS-- First Lady Michelle Obama took the stage at Dillard University's commencement charging students to continue their education.

'Today I stand before a sea of young geniuses. We are the lucky ones. We can't forget that we didn't get here today on our own. We got here because of so many people who toiled and sweat and bled for us.'

The First Lady delivered the speech before a packed Lakefront Arena.

It was the secondary place to hold the ceremony after heavy rains soaked the campus yard.

She touched on several issues such as slow-rising black graduation rates and the situation in Nigeria where more than 200 young girls are missing.

'We know that today, education is still the key to true and lasting freedom. It is still true today'

'And the more than 200 girls kidnapped from their own school in Nigeria for wanting an education. Young people are risking their lives just to go to school.'

Class valedictorian, Merrilyn Akpapuna, also from Nigeria, took time to honor the missing girls during her speech.

She asked for a moment of silence for their rescue.

Obama closed by saying, 'The education of the young people is all our business. That's what Emperor Williams thought. That's what the folks here in New Orleans thought as they worked to rebuild this campus. As graduates of Dillard University, that is how we need you to think every single day.'

And with this commencement in the books, Dillard looks forward to writing another chapter for the class of 2015.

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