Facing what he calls a 'financial quagmire,' Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal said he had to cut four deputies from the force and take a personal pay cut. He said he would be asking the citizens of the parish to help out, perhaps in the form of a property tax hike.

Sheriff Seal said he inherited the problem and had already cut $900,000 from the budget. He said he learned the department had hit the 'financial wall,' just recently and that he had to cut one deputy from each shift - a total of 4.

He said he and other administrators took a pay cut and that his was 30 percent.

Seal said other expenses have also taken a toll, including $93,000 in expenses for Hurricane Isaac and even $6,000 in costs for a recent prison escapee hunt.

He also said that the air conditioning system at the parish jail would soon go out and have to be replaced.

Seal said he would ask the citizens of the parish to decide what type of force they would like to have. He added a property tax of 6.25 mils would bring in about $1 million.

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