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NEW ORLEANS -- Seventy-five seniors showed up at John McDonogh High School for prom, with one student bringing a date who turned heads.

'I was like no at first, and he said, 'Come on, grandma, it's your Mother's Day present,' said Stella Lee. Friday was a night like no other for Lee and her grandson, Leanord Martin.

The John McDonogh senior decked out in a tux, got a helping hand with his bowtie and cufflinks.

'I'm taking my grandma to prom,' Martin said. 'My last, my first and last prom I'll be going to.'

Then, it was grandma's turn to get pampered. Martin choosing red as the color theme for the duo's suit and dress.

Back in 1967, Lee never got a chance to go to her own prom. 'I had a son, and at the time you didn't go if you had kids out of wedlock in school,' Lee recalled. Now at 63-years-old she's getting a chance to do it all over again, escorting one of her 26 grandchildren to the big dance.

When Martin's girlfriend couldn't go, the 18-year-old knew exactly who'd take her place.

'To see the expression on people's faces at the school, when they see us together,' Lee said. And of course, the moment was priceless.

'Sure, I'm proud of him. I'm proud of all of them when they march down that aisle and do something with themselves,' Lee said.

McDonogh's senior class graduates a week from Friday.

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