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NEWORLEANS-- There has been another high ranking departure within the New Orleans Police Department in the last month.

Deputy Superintendent Kirk Bouyelas announced Monday he is headed to the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office after serving decades on the force.

'I spent most of my career doing investigations. I was a detective way back in the day,' Bouyelas said during a news conference Monday afternoon.

The NOPD veteran has spent nearly 32 years on the force but is now hanging up his police uniform.

The 53-year-old will soon be donning a suit for the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office as its newest chief investigator.

Bouyelas maintains current re-structuring inside the NOPD is not connected to his exit.

'I'm not leaving because I'm bitter. I'm not leaving because I have to. I'm leaving because I have an opportunity to come here and work with the district attorney's office, and I believe do some important and great work here,' added Bouyelas.

This latest departure comes at the heels of former NOPD Commander Edwin Hosli's decision to join the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office. Hosli made the announcement earlier this month after 33 years on the force.

'Its not uncommon for officers of all ranks on retiring to move into investigative positions in the private sector, investigative positions in the prosecutor's office,' said Professor George Capowich, criminologist with Loyola University.

Capowich said Bouyelas' move to the district attorney's office is both positive and negative.

'It tightens the link between the DA's office and police department. They've been doing a number of things to try and increase that cooperation so that can be Goodman the down side that's a lot of experience and command experience as well as operational experience that is leaving so that hurts the department,' added Capowich.

During Monday's news conference, District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro also announced Tenisha Steven's promotion to deputy chief investigator.

Cannizzaro said these appointments reflect a continued wave of change in his office.

'This district attorney's office is not your mama's DA's office, so to speak,' Cannizzaro said.

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas issued this statement congratulating Bouyelas on his move to the district attorney's office:

'Throughout his 32 years of service to the people of New Orleans, Kirk Bouyelas has been a true leader within the New Orleans Police Department. We congratulate Kirk on his new opportunity and look forward to the continued partnership between the NOPD and the district attorney's office. The collaboration within the New Orleans criminal justice system is stronger than ever and we're continuing to focus on making New Orleans a safer place to live.'

Both Bouyelas and Stevens start their new roles at the district attorney's office next Monday.

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