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CUTOFF, La. - For the last three months, the Lafourche Sheriff's office has been staking out a small home on a quiet street in Cut Off. Almost everyone who lives there is related. That's why news, that one resident'sown cousins, and a Golden Meadow policeman, were arrested for making and using methamphetamines in the house next door,was jarring.

'Very quiet. I've talked to him a few times. Very friendly, you know, never expecting it. It was a shock,' said Ralph, a resident of 82nd street who did not want to give his last name.

'There's always a level of shock when a fellow law enforcement officer ends up arrested,' said Brennan Matherne, the Public Information Officer for theLafourche Sheriff's office.

Officer Ashley Pollard resigned andhas now bonded out along with his girlfriend Anna King and his brother Courtney Pollard, who has 14 prior arrests. Ashley Pollard and King have no prior arrests. Police say they were making meth for themselves.

One of the King'srelatives, who didn't want to go on camera, says knowing meth was being made nearbyputs him infear that his house could haveblown up.

'Just one small slip up isall that could cause for a huge explosion and potentially a fire that could not only harm yourself but your neighbors as well,' said Matherne.

The sheriff's office says in the past few years, meth use, not distribution, hasbeen on the rise. Neurobiologistsnow know that meth affects the brain worse than other drugs and can cause instant addiction. Pollard says the drug helped him cope with PTSD from deployment overseas in the Army and Marine Corps.

'Clearly he does need help andhopefully he can get it,' added Matherne.

The sheriff's office says there is a strong drug court option for offenders to get treatment, but that is up to the district attorney to decide.

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