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NEW ORLEANS Rodney Williams, the businessman who admitted bribing Ray Nagin for city contracts and was the government's star witness against the former mayor, has been granted a reduction in sentencing levels by U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan.

Williams had been scheduled for sentencing Wednesday, but The New Orleans Advocate's Gordon Russell reported on Twitter that the hearing had just been moved to Sept. 10.

It's unclear how much time Williams faces because a pre-sentencing report is under seal, but the government went to bat for him in other court documents, praising him for coming to them and admitting responsibility in a timely manner.

It's interesting, though, that Williams was actually the last of the Nagin co-conspirators to plead guilty. Former Nagin technology chief Greg Meffert; businessman Aaron Bennett; and city contractor Frank Fradella all accepted responsibility for paying bribes, before Williams came forward to admit guilt in November 2012.

Even city tech vendor Mark St. Pierre, who was convicted at trial for his sizable role in the scheme, began working with the government from his jail cell, in hopes of reducing his 17-year prison term, before Williams emerged.

But Williams' testimony was probably the most damning at Nagin's trial in February. He was the prosecution's lead witness, quickly burying the former mayor by admitting that he and his partners at Three Fold Consultants had paid more than $72,000 to Nagin and the mayor's sons.

Williams withstood questions about his motives from Nagin's defense attorney Robert Jenkins, although he didn't convince the jury that a $10,000 cash payment he made to the mayor's sons was a true exchange for special treatment at City Hall. That was the only one of 21 counts against Nagin on which he was acquitted.

The testimony did succeed in tying together Nagin's family granite business interests with his City Hall dealings.

Earlier this month, Nagin was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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