Jim Henderson / Sports Director

SEATTLE, WA Well, now Sean Payton has the excuse to never run the ball. But, seriously, I just listed to him on the speaker phone with the Seattle media and he was saying they'd just have to get the next guy up.

And, Julius Jones is the next guy up and now that's a big story here in Seattle because he was there earlier this year.

Still, I have to think Sean Payton would rather have Chris Ivory or Pierre Thomas going into Seattle.

This will put more pressure on the defense and more pressure on Drew Brees. I think we'll see more Reggie Bush than we're accustomed to seeing and probably a lot of short passes.

This just may not be the Saints year and I think recent events confirm that.

I think if you want to look at one particular sign that it may not be their year, just think, if the Saints are the late game Sunday, none of the three injuries that occurred (to Graham, Ivory and Jenkins) likely happens.

Many of those guys probably wouldn't have played if the thing was sewn up, but when they got hurt, it was still early and Atlanta's win wasn't a sure thing.

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