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NEWORLEANS -A woman accused of leaving a baby in a hot car is in jail, charged with Negligent Homicide.

Tuesday, three-year-old Winston White Hayes died inside a locked car on South Scott Street in Mid-City.

Police say Genee Brumfield, 23, the baby's godmother left the child in the car for eight hours.

Police booked her into Orleans Parish Prison around3 a.m. Wednesday.

Brumfield's mother Diane Williams and stepfather Arthur Oliver say she was supposed to drop the child off at daycare, but, decided to stop by their house on the way and somehow forgot about the baby.

'Genee would always keep this little baby all the time,' said Wiliiams. 'It's her Godchild and her and the baby's mother have been friends forever.'

'I'm just sorry for the child's mother,' said Oliver. 'It was an accident. Maybe she got distracted, whatever she was doing. No we have to pray for both of them.'

It doesn't take long for a vehicle to heat up like an oven.

Eyewitness News put a thermometer in a closed vehicle and it went from the mid 70s to 100 degrees in about 20 minutes.

'Even in 100 degree temperatures which we experience in New Orleans in the summer, it's a problem,' said Dr. Joseph Guarisco, Chief of Emergency Services for Ochsner Hospital. 'In a car with the windows up it can reach 120, 130, 140 degrees. The temperatures rise very rapidly.'

Dr. Guarisco says it's hard for anyone to survive those extreme temperatures, especially a child.

'You have patients become comatose, kidney and heart function deteriorates,' said Guarisco. 'You have rapid organ failure at temperatures within a few minutes of being in a closed vehicle in this type of heat.'

Brumfield's mother says her daughter has two children and is now hurting as if she lost one of her own.

'She has a daughter who is six and a son who is two, who will be three on the Fourth of July,' said Williams. 'She's a real, real good parent.'

Police are waiting on the results of Brumfield's drug and alcohol test.

A magistrate judge set her bond at $10,000.

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