If you're unfamiliar with the folks at Football Outsiders, you should get acquainted with them. They pull the curtain back on the statistical world that is the NFL and they do a fantastic job with it.

And they're latest installment takes a look back at the 2010 NFL season and which defensive players did a poor job of wrapping up.

In regard to the Saints and how they fit in, I find it quite interesting which two players made their way onto the list.

The Saints' fanbase destroys linebacker Scott Shanle year in and year out while at the same time, they love safety Malcolm Jenkins.

But look at the FO stats on missed tackles and lo-and-behold, you find both players. Jenkins had 10 broken tackles last season while Shanle had 11. Only 28 players had 10 or more broken tackles last season according to the FO film studiers.

For the rest of their breakdown and an explanation of how they came up with the numbers, click here.

--Bradley Handwerger,

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