Doug Mouton / Northshore Bureau Chief

MANDEVILLE, La. -- Mandeville Mayor Donald Villere called it 'great news' for his city. New FEMA Base Flood Elevation maps are expected to lower the cost of flood insurance across Mandeville.

'You're talking about hundreds of dollars per person,' Villere said. 'There's anywhere from a 1 to 4 foot elevation change, and of course, depending on the individual property elevation and the new zone that you're in, you could really see some substantial savings.'

The new maps won't take effect, city leaders said, until early next year, and they replace 28-year-old maps.

The new maps lower required elevations across Mandeville.

City leaders said at a Friday morning press conference, they expect the map change to not only lower cost to homeowners, but also to spur growth.

'It's going to be a substantial difference for construction,' Villere said. 'It's going to be a substantial difference in the cost of flood insurance, and it does open up Mandeville as far as for new construction.'

'I think it will get some people off the fence,' said Mandeville City Councilman Jeff Bernard. 'And some people that were undecided, it will make enough of a difference that they will move forward with plans that they already started.'

According to Villere, homeowners may not automatically get the savings they expect from the new elevation maps. Homeowners may need to get new flood elevation certificates before the saving kick in.

The maps should be available, city leaders said, on the city of Mandeville website, and they encouraged homeowners to call the city if they have any questions.

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