Statistically Speaking...

The Saints and Bears enter Sunday's game on completely different trajectories...or so we'd be led to believe that after Week 1 games.

New Orleans lost to Green Bay 42-34 in a game in which the defense appeared confused and outmaneuvered.

Chicago throttled Atlanta, one of the sexy Super Bowl picks this season, 30-12 in a game in which the Bears appeared to know Atlanta's every move.

Heading into the noon kickoff, here's a little team statistical comparison:

Total Offense:
Saints No. 1 (2 passing, 17 rushing)
Bears No. 12 (9 passing, 14 rushing)

Total Defense
Saints No. 23 (22 passing, 17 rushing)
Bears No. 20 (19 passing, 19 rushing)

Take-aways, Give-aways
Saints No. 19-tied (minus-1)
Bears No. 3 (plus-2)

First Downs Made
Saints No. 2-tied (27)
Bears No. 17-tied (17)

First Downs Allowed
Saints No. 22 (24)
Bears No. 15-tied (20)

Third Downs Offense
Saints 9 of 14 (64.3 percent)
Bears 6 of 16 (37.5 percent)

Third Downs Defense
Saints 8 of 12 (66.7 percent)
Bears 4 of 13 (30.8 percent)

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