Scott Satchfield / Eyewitness News

NEW ORLEANS -- Just a few hours after Jordan Jefferson testified, the grand jury returned its decision to reduce Jefferson's charge to simple battery while dropping charges against linebacker Joshua Johns.

'And they heard from eyewitnesses from both sides and return what they felt were charges consistent with the facts of the case,' said Prim Burns, assistant district attorney of East Baton Rouge Parish.

Jefferson's attorney, while somewhat pleased with the decision, says the process simply dragged on too long.

'I mean, they should have given him a ticket if they thought he was engaged in this. They should have given Lowrie a ticket for the people he beat up, and then it should have been called a draw and forgotten about it,' said Lewis Unglesby, Jefferson's attorney.

But while the case against Jordan Jeffesron continues to a lesser degree, his attorneys say he's staying positive.

'He's handled it very well. He handled himself today. He's handled himself throughout this with no bitterness, with nothing but a good attitude. He continues to go to every class. He continues to work out. Everything he can do, he wants to do,' Unglesby said.

Jefferson refused to comment on the decision.

Both Jefferson and Johns were reinstated Wednesday night, according to LSU. They will be available to practice on Thursday.

According to his attorneys, Jefferson arrived at tail end of practice Wendesday night, and a wild celebration with teammates erupted.

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