Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter

METAIRIE, La. Saints tight end David Thomas expected to be back in the fold before the third week of October.

After all, he sustained his concussion Sept. 25 against Houston.

But as day after day went by, Thomas continued to have frustrating problem after frustrating problem.

And because he was dealing a concussion and not, say, a sprained shoulder, he wasn't willing to take chances.

On Wednesday, Thomas finally returned after getting the all-clear from an neurologist not affiliated with the Saints.

'It's frustrating and it's a little bit nerve-wracking knowing that it took as long as it did but hopefully it's behind me,' Thomas said. 'I'm preparing this week like I'm ready to go.'

Thomas said sensitivity to light and continuing headaches kept him from returning sooner.

He said he spent the time away trying to stay on track on getting back without thoughts of not returning creeping into his mind. A season ago, the Saints placed defensive back Randall Gay on injured reserve when he continued to have several similar symptoms as Thomas.

'I've just tried to stay positive with the whole situation and try to take it day-to-day and every day try to make some progress and get better where I can,' Thomas said, 'and hopefully continue that every day this week.'

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