Doug Mouton / Northshore Bureau Chief

NEWORLEANS-- Both Alabama and LSU did practice real football Friday afternoon, but the morning was much sillier, as several hundred media types asked players and coaches several thousand questions.

It is not like a Super Bowl media day, but it is large. For an hour in the morning, Alabama players and coaches sat down and answered hundreds of questions, and so did LSU players and coaches.

Lots of stuff you'd expect, like questions about LSU's quarterbacks.

'Both quarterbacks have been tremendous contributors,' Miles said. 'Both quarterbacks are great teammates. There will be no quarterback on our team, when one is in the game, doing anything but hoping he has great success.'

And plenty of silliness, like questions about tattoos and dances.

'They made a little dance called the Brad Wing dance after the Florida incident,' LSU punter Brad Wing said.

Some guys smile through it all, while others take it deadly serious.

'We're not here for no plaque. We're here for the national championship. We're here for a trophy,' said Alabama running back Trent Richardson. 'That's what we agreed on and that's what we worked hard on all year, and that's what we're here for.'

Many of the assembled media types were here Friday from the states of Alabama and Louisiana, where the hype is out of control. And by and large, the players are loving it.

'It's fun, man, you don't get these opportunities everyday,' said Brandon Gibson. 'And it's something that I'll remember for the rest of my life. You can't ask for anything more this. Looking into your face right now, it's kind of exciting, and it's for a good cause, playing for the national championship. So, I'm just happy to be here.'

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