Bill Capo / Action Reporter

NEW ORLEANS -- This Lakeview street looks like a heavy rain storm just occurred, with large puddles on both sides of the street down much of the block and water pouring into at least four drains.

But this is the cause: a powerful subsurface leak that neighbors say has been getting worse and worse.

'At least four months, and it was bad,' said Michele Toye. 'It was flooding the street by the time they came to repair it, bubbling out of the water like a faucet.'

But when the leak got so bad it was forcing subsurface sand through the cracks, the neighbors emailed the Action Line, fed up with begging the Sewerage & Water Board for help.

'Every single week we would call, and it would be the same response,' said Toye. 'You're on the list, you're on the list, somebody's going to come out and look at it.'

When they told the Sewerage & Water Board they had contacted me, a supervisor did show up. I pointed out how serious this leak was, and asked for quick action. Then I made the same request to top agency executives.

Twenty-four hours later, the repair crew was on the scene, the leak was fixed, the hole filled in, and the flood drained away.

'Oh, it makes a world of difference,' said Toye. 'Now we don't have to drive through a flood to get to our house every day.'

But they still worry a section of the street could collapse if subsurface damage isn't fixed.

'The street is sinking,' Toye said. 'As you can see the street has multiple potholes and everything else, and we bottom out our car every time we back out of the driveway because the street is sinking.'

However, this Action Report isn't over. You see just after they finished repairing the leak back there, another one appeared here at the corner. You can actually see the water flowing out between the cracks in the street.

I bet you aren't even surprised to find a second leak.

'Isn't it ironic?' Toye said. 'The day after they leave, another one pops up. More bubbling in the street.'

So I asked them to fix this one too.

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