Bill Capo / Action Reporter

There's a new open lot in Hollygrove, freshly covered with a layer of sand. Open lots may not be popular in some areas, but for neighbors Daisy and Charles Johnson, it is a huge improvement over the collapsing house that was about to fall on theirs.

'It means so much to have it down,' Daisy. 'I can just look out and see how beautiful the ground looks, without that raggedly house hanging like it is going to fall on mine. I just want to give another thanks.'

The long abandoned shotgun house that was next door had been deteriorating for years, but when the side wall fell against their fence, they worried it would collapse against their house, perhaps knocking it off its raised foundation, but they couldn't get help from the city.

'When I saw the hole in the roof, it was really time to do something about it,' said Charles during the first Action Report.

'I've tried to call the city for several, several times, and nothing really happened,' said Daisyat the time.

When I contacted the mayor's office, I requested immediate action, and boy did they respond. The inspectors were out here the next day. They took one look at it, they decided it had to come down as soon as possible. They made sure the utilities were disconnected, and got the demolition crew out on the scene. The Johnsons were thrilled.'

'It's about time,'laughed Charles.

The demolition crew reduced the house to rubble, so the debris could be removed, and the lot cleaned up. It gave the Johnsons their peace of mind back. They no longer have to worry about it falling on their home.

'It means so much,' said Daisy. 'We were sleeping through the rain yesterday morning, and didn't even hear it, wasn't thinking about nothing falling, or anything. Just relaxed.'

'I want to thank you, Bill, Channel 4 News, Mayor Landrieu, Mr. Winston Reid, Mr Winston Reid,' smiled Charles. 'I saw you and you said you was going to get it done. I'm here to say you got it done.'

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