Bill Capo / Action Reporter

NEW ORLEANS -- When she found the Sewerage & Water Board repair crew setting up outside her door, it was the news Marion Ringo had waited months for.

'Oh ecstatic,' she said. 'I just was ecstatic to see them here again. It's been a long time.'

This is why she emailed the Action Line, because the Sewerage & Water Board tore up her reserved parking spot and three others to repair a leak. Only it wasn't repaired, and had been there so long the large pool of water was colored green by algae.

'They came, they tore the hole out,' said Property Manager Dennis Oglesby. 'They said, we can't find it. They dumped the stuff back in it and left.'

'They came back and it was bubbling again, so they threw some more dirt on it, and then I haven't seen them until today,' added Ringo.

The leak forced Marion to detour as much as half a block, and that was painful for a woman who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, and has had two back surgeries.

'It's just an awful situation, and it's caused a lot of pain,' she said. 'When I get inside I have to sit down awhile.'

My first trip out here was two weeks ago. I contacted the Sewerage & Water Board then, and I had to contact them again. I kept working with the executives, asking them to help Ringo so that she's not living in misery any more, and they responded.

'Oh it makes me very happy, and I want to thank you and Channel 4 for all of your following up on this,' she said. 'It's helped a whole lot.'

'It's a great relief,' added Oglesby. 'We've been trying to get some help on this for ages it seems.'

Now they're just hoping the leak is fixed, and they'll soon have the parking spaces back.

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