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We know that an increase in visceral abdominal fat above 35 inches (measured at the belly button) for a woman and 40 inches for a man is one of the criteria for Metabolic Syndrome, a cluster of symptoms which can predispose an individual to type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The real health issue, in addition to the increase in belly fat is the 'after meal glucose spike,' which can inflict silent damage to cells. Heart attack risk increases by 58 percent for a 21mg/dl increase in after meal blood sugar. And, every 18mg/dl increase beyond a blood sugar of 83 mg/dl resulted in a 27 percent greater risk of dying from stroke.

Here are my top 5 nutrients that seem to have a positive effect not only on belly fat reduction but also on total body fat reduction.

Each nutrient seems to have an effect on the hormone insulin and its sensitivity or lack of in a deficiency state and the catabolic hormone Cortisol, which when elevated for sustained periods of stress can increase visceral abdominal fat accretion.

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