NEW ORLEANS -- In two months, Brandon Taylor hopes to follow in his brother's footsteps. Curtis Taylor was a 7th round draft pick of the San Francisco 49ers back in 2009. He now plays for the Oakland Raiders.

According to NFL Draft analyst Mike Detillier, Brandon Taylor will soon join his brother in the NFL.

'He's the most underrated football player on LSU's team,' Detillier said of Brandon Taylor, one of eight LSU Tigers who will be participating in the NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis which starts February 22.

Taylor was one of only three Tiger defensive players to start all 14 games. He finished third on the team in tackles with 71, and added a pair of interceptions, plus another interception in the Senior Bowl.

'He's a later round pick, but he's a guy at the fifth, sixth round, that you've got to pick him because you know,' Mike Detillier said, 'he can do so many things for your football team.'

The word heard most often in reference to Brandon Taylor - intangibles.

Mike Detillier called him 'a great character guy, a great locker room guy.' The proof is in his number, 18. National Championship winning quarterback Matt Mauck began the #18 tradition by passing his number down to a player who represents what it means to be a Tiger. For his senior season, Brandon Taylor wore number 18.

'He's smart,' Detillier said of the Franklinton native. 'He's a versatile player who's played some corner, which will mean you won't have to take him off the field on third down. He understands this game at a certain level. He's a more athletic, and not quite as violent a version of Ryan Clark, when he came out of LSU.'

Ryan Clark just wrapped up his 10th season in the NFL. Mike Detillier said he believes Brandon Taylor can have a similar career.

'I think he's a starting player in this league,' Detillier said. 'I think physically he needs to get a little bit stronger, but my goodness, he's been one of the most underrated football players in the SEC the last two seasons.'

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