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NEW ORLEANS -- The pile of rocks with the warning cone in the middle of a Lakeview street marks the site of a Sewerage & Water Board repair job, and it has one neighborhood thrilled.

'Bill, the street is fantastic,' said Jim Nelson. 'After we brought it to your attention, and you called the Sewerage & Water Board, within a day it was fixed, and all of our neighbors are so excited now. As you can see, virtually every property on our block is back, and this was just an eyesore that was getting worse and worse, so we certainly thank you for all of your help.'

Before the repair job was started, the broken pipe below the surface was spewing water with such force that it was digging a crater in the street. The sand in the bottom of the crater bubbled like lava in a volcano.

The neighbors had been calling the Sewerage & Water Board for months, but as the crater grew, so did their concerns.

'We used to have cars dodging each other trying to avoid it, and I know we had a lot of people who wouldn't even drive down the street because they were worried that it was going to cave in,' said Nelson.

When I contacted the Sewerage & Water Board, they not only rushed a repair crew over here, they also sent me an apology. They told me when they checked their records, they had intended to repair it when the neighbors first called, but somewhere in the process the work order got lost.

'Well that's great that they apologized for it,' said Nelson. 'Unfortunately, we wouldn't think you'd have to call you to get a break in the street fixed.'

The Sewerage & Water Board is trying to avoid that. The general superintendent said they completed 2700 repair projects of all sizes in January. But that same month, 3000 new projects came in, so they ended up with a larger backlog.

He pledged to try and complete repairs as fast as possible.

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