Saints play-by-play man and former WWL-TVSports Director Jim Henderson weighs in on the Saints and how the bounty issue and Drew Brees' contract will affect the team, its relationships internally and with the fans.

On whether the bounty issue and alleged lying will affect Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis' relationship with Tom Benson.

'To me that's going to be as interesting as what Roger Goodell does to them. What kind of position does this put Tom Benson in, in relationship to Mickey Loomis? In relation to Sean Payton?

I mean this is a general manager and head coach who, for most people's way of thinking lied to their owner. I mean he's the commander-in-chief and he was lied to by his head coach, he was lied to by his general manager apparently.

What does Tom Benson do about that? And, is this not the first time? Remember the Vicodin incident. That apparently was a cover-up as well. There was a cover-up that took place here.

These are a general manager who lied to the commissioner of the NFL, who lied to his own owner. What does Tom Benson do now in the wake of that in relation to Sean Payton, but I think in particular to Mickey Loomis.'

On the Drew Brees' contract situation

'I can only hope that they'll get something done before July 16. Up against the deadline, they figured, 'let's go ahead and franchise this guy - gives us a little bit more time.'

From what I've read and what I understand, it's all about how back-loaded the contract is.

Drew wants more of that money up front, and less toward the end. The Saints, of course, want to move as much to the end of the contract as they can in case he declines fairly precipitously in the course of his five-year contract.

You know how most of the Saints fans are going to come down on the side of Drew Brees and the idea of paying him what he's worth, that he should be the highest paid player in the NFL and if essentially he rejects being the highest paid player in the NFL what does that do to his relationship with the Saints and their fans.

So, it's been a rough weekend for the Saints, no question.'

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