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NEWORLEANS-- Family members of an unarmed man killed by police during a drug raid in Gentilly want the officer who fired the lethal shot arrested and tried for murder.

'I'm mad, we're all mad,' said Helen Shorty, Wendell Allen's grandmother.

Friday, Shorty joined several dozen protesters at New Orleans Police Headquarters. They carried signs, demanding justice.

Police say Officer Josh Colclough fired the shot that killed Allen. They admit Allen did not possess a weapon prior to the shooting. But, police say investigators later found a gun and marijuana inside the home.

'You know you shot him, dead,' said Shorty. 'This is a murder. I want that police officer booked on murder and I want it now.'

'They shot Wendell in his heart,' she said. 'But, they didn't take the best of Wendell. They tried to get his heart, but you see all this (pointing to the crowd in front of NOPD headquarters), this is his heart. You heard me, this is his heart.'

The shooting is being investigated by not less than three (NOPD) divisions. The FBI and the city's Independent Police Monitor are also taking a look at the shooting. The law provides that an officer is justified in using force, even up to lethal force when he or she believe there is an imminent danger to his or her own person or to a danger of someone else.

The Allen shooting comes less than a week after police shot and killed 20-year old Justin Sipp during a traffic stop in Mid-City.

Fraternal Order of Police attorney and former New Orleans police officer Raymond Burkhart cautions against a rush to judgment.

'We're waiting for all the facts, he said. 'The investigation is going to long. It's going to be thorough. It's going to be methodical.'

According to a search warrant obtained by Eyewitness News, officers described Allen's home as a retail distribution outlet for marijuana.

The warrant, signed by a judge, gave police permission to go to the home to look for drugs and firearms.

Burkhart says Allen did not need to have a gun for the shooting to be justified. 'Officer Colclough will likely be placed on administrative duty while the investigation into the Allen shooting proceeds.'

Police say Sipp shot first and they returned fire.

Civil rights attorney Tracie Washington says the backlash in the community is one of fear.

'We just have to be moms who care. I'm here because I'm a mother and I'm scared. We need to just care,' she said.

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