A gathering of links to stories with reactions to the historic punishments handed down by the NFL against the New Orleans Saints after the investigation into the bounty scandal. experts:Is Saints Super Bowl tainted? Most say 'no' How will Saints survive season without their leader?

CNNSI's Peter King: Saints problems, penalties not over yet

CBS' Judge: Saints mess will take years to clean up

ESPN's Ashley Fox:Goodell doesn't play

USA Today: Warren Sapp says Shockey was the snitch

'NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp says he's 'heard' who the whistle-blower in the Saints bounty case is.'

John Clayton: Kiss your Super Bowl chances goodbye, Saints fans

'Say goodbye to the New Orleans Saints' chances of being the home team for Super Bowl XLVII.'

Freeman: Punishment fits the crime

'The New Orleans Saints have gone from the toast of a nation to just toast. It has been a long, strange trip from post-Katrina national heroes to one of the more historic disgraces in recent NFL history. And the Saints' fall from grace can be traced back to one man: Sean Payton.'

N.Y. Times: 'The punishment handed out to the Saints significantly dwarfs that handed down by the league against the New England Patriots in 2007 for what became known as the Spygate scandal.'

Pro Football Talk: Harsh punishment stuns Payton

ESPN: 'The NFLlowered the boom... NFL absolutely dropped the proverbial hammer on the Saints for 'Bountygate'...

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