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NEW ORLEANS -- It is a stunning sight to see a vehicle trapped in a sinkhole on Fleur De Lis Boulevard in Lakeview.

'It was incredible,' said Lakeview resident Bryan Bourgeois. 'The poor boy was so so shaken up, and so worried that if he had his young daughter, his 1-year-old daughter with him, she could have flown out the truck.'

'It is terrible,' said Brian Eastwold. 'I hesitate even to come down this street unless it is an actual necessity.'

'Miserable,' said Sandra Bourgeois. 'I'm afraid my car, something is going to happen to my car. I'm afraid somebody's going to get hurt. If they don't see the holes, they drive by, and boom, there they go.'

'Wow! We're the red headed stepchildren,' said Louis Gentry. 'The city is really not doing their job here. Every time we turn around we get new potholes, bust up your cars. It's unbelievable.'

When I contacted the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to find out when the work would start on the third phase of the Fleur De Lis reconstruction project, I was told the bids are scheduled to be let in December. I asked why are residents here expected to wait so long? I was told I'd have to contact City Hall, that it's their project. So

I did. I emailed the mayor's office, and I haven't heard back.

'We've been fussing and fussing and fighting and trying to get these streets fixed,' said Marie Porrovecchio.

'I'm very angry, because nothing's ever getting done,' Bourgeois said.

The DOTD says a $5 to $7 million project to rebuild the third phase of Fleur De Lis is in the final planning stages.

Neighbors are fed up with waiting for the government to act.

A city and state project begun after Katrina to rebuild Fleur De Lis has taken years, but Phase 2 stopped at 30th street a year ago, and the rest of the road from there to Hammond Highway is a rough ride indeed, with drivers having to navigate gouges, bumps, potholes and even large repair projects.

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