BURAS, La. - Heavy rains and thunderstorms chocked with lighting bolts kept Captain Ross Montet and I inside the Cajun Fishing Adventure Lodge in Buras until we saw a break in the radar at 10 am.

With only a narrow window of opportunity to make deadline we crossed the Mississippi River and headed for Bay Allen on the East side in Plaquemines Parish.

The high shifting winds combined with dirty river water made speckled trout fishing impossible so we worked the wind-protected shorelines with spinnerbaits and managed to catch one average-sized croaker.

We made a switch to Gulp shrimp under a cork and picked up one bull and several rat reds along a 200 yard stretch.

A nice freshwater catfish took the Gulp but the shoreline fishing failed to produce.

We doubled back to the shoreline that produced the reds, worked it hard with the Gulp and managed to land a couple more undersized reds as our fishing time ran out.

Ross has some tips if you'll be fishing this Easter weekend. 'A cool front is going to change the direction of the winds to north and northwest so finding the cleanest water that holds bait such as mullet or pogeys will be the key. After it settles down on the west side of the river you might want to keep an eye out for feeding seagulls, we made some good speckled trout catches there before all this weather moved in.'

Also when the winds subside and boats can get outside there are excellent reports of tuna, amberjack and Wahoo. Bass fishing will also improve since the early water warm-up has most of them off the spawning beds and back to normal feeding patterns.

Remember to set the hook hard!


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