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NEW ORLEANS -- Imagine watching the roof fly off your neighbor's home as a tornado tears through your neighborhood.

Keith Bergeron was standing right here when he captured it all on video.

'Everything was flying by us.'

You can see the debris shooting through the air in the video above. Bergeron's own camper and trailer ended up slamming into his Grand Isle home, feet from where he stood.

'I actually seen the trailer come up and flip in the air and hit right there, and then it just threw it into the camp,' Bergeron said.

(Click the photo to images of the tornadoes)

You can see the aftermath throughout Bergeron's street. Officials say more than half a dozen structures near Raspberry Lane are severely damaged. This trailer had its roof torn completely off.

One camp had a 2-by-4 pierce the wall in the master bedroom.

'It pushed that whole wall down, about 6 to 8 inches,' Joe Kilner said.

Kilner said no one was there at the time, as it is a vacation home. 'Quite a few tornadoes pass through here, but not all of them do the damage,' Kilner said.

Entergy crews restored power within a few hours. The twister left the entire island in the dark.

Meanwhile, as Bergeron reflects on what he saw, he thinks back on what could have happened.

'That camper could have broke the pylons that's holding this deck up, and fell on us. It's just a whole bunch of scenarios that could have happened,' Bergeron said. 'That's it. We're lucky.'

The last time there was a big tornado with a lot of damage in Grand Isle was nearly two decades ago, in 1993. Three died that year, but there were no injuries reported Wednesday.

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