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CHALMETTE, La. -Forty seven years after the doors first opened in 1965, Rocky and Carlo's restaurant in Chalmette is re-opening Tuesday morning, after spending months on major repairs following a major fire.

Firefighters issued two alarms, rushed to the scene and spent half an hour bringing the blaze under control in February.

They determined it started when a pile of towels ignited in the kitchen.

The amount of damage was extensive - fire damage in the kitchen and smoke and water damage inside the main restaurant.

The morning after the fire, family members looked in shock at the walls and tables that were covered in oily soot, and thought about their struggle to rebuild after Katrina's devastating flood.

But right away, they became determined to do it again, clean-up, re-open and repair, even as they tried to comprehend the extent of the damage.

'I can't talk when I get like this. That's my baby. I still love her. I didn't want to come at first, but I had to come,' Lou Gioe said on February 13.

'We open in 1965, and never got no fire. We never call the fire department, we never called nothing,' Leonorda 'Nana' Gioe said.

They had hoped to re-open within two months, but it ended up taking three and a half.

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