Clancy DuBos - WWL-TVPolitical Analyst / Gambit Columnist

It's no secret that the Orleans Parish School Board and the Recovery School District often fight with one another. That's why it's encouraging to see the two school systems, which compete for students in New Orleans, working together.

Today, the Orleans Board is taking a big step toward adopting the so-called OneApp, a single application form that will be accepted by all public schools in the city. That means parents will be able to use one application form, regardless of whether their kids are headed for a traditional public school or a charter school in either system.

It's too late for OneApp to cover the school year that begins in August, but it should be in place for the following school year. I'm told that magnet schools may require some additional information, but the school board is working to keep things as simple as possible for parents.

There's plenty of time to fight about whether, and when, all public schools in New Orleans should be returned to just one governing board. In the mean time, it's good to see the adults in charge - acting like adults in charge.

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