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COVINGTON, La. The man convicted of following and then killing a Mandeville mother in her home during an attempt to carjack her was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison after several delays that caused the St. Tammany DA to scrap attempts to get a death sentence in the case.

Dominic Robinson, 32, was originally convicted of the killing of Samantha Jaume by a jury in 2008, but Hurricane Gustav caused the trial judge to dismiss the jury before the penalty phase.

Many delays kept the penalty phase from going forward and on Wednesday Robinson waived his right to any further proceedings in exchange of a sentence that didn't include the death penalty.

Jaume's family was not pleased with the result.

'This animal did not give my daughter-in-law an opportunity to live,' said Henry Jaume', father-in-law of Samantha Jaume. 'He cowardly shot her in the back of the head, so why should these people be fighting for his life?'

Jaume was killed in front of her children in 2001. Robinson followed her home from a shopping trip with her children and shot her in her home during an attempt to take her car.

'I told Dominic Robinson what he took away from us, so precious, that he would never know and that I hope he stays every day of his life thinking about what he did,' said Henry Jaume'.

St. Tammany DA Walter Reed said he and Jaume's family were not happy with the outcome, but they realized there were too many obstacles to overcome.

'This is a bitter pill to swallow for both my office and the family,' said Reed. 'The imposition of the death penalty requires a legally pristine and flawless criminal trial. This has not happened in this case. We have made every effort to impose the death penalty, but the delays, interruptions and circumstances warrant accepting a sentence to life in prison... which brings some finality and closure to the victim's family.'

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