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ST. BERNARDPARISH, La. - The St. Bernard Parish Council will discuss what happens to properties turned over to the Road Home program at Tuesday's meeting.

There are three ordinances on the agenda dealing with the Road Home properties.

About 4,500 St. Bernard properties were originally turned over to the program. Its subsidiary, Louisiana Land Trust, has been responsible for upkeep, including grass cutting.

Nearly half have been transferred to other uses or purchased through processes like the Lot Next Door program.

The Louisiana Land Trust is about to turn over the last 2,000 properties to the parish.

Parish leaders have been working on the 'redevelopment and purchase plan to find new uses for the now vacant properties.' They range from green space and recreational areas, to small scale and large scale developments, and new private owners through methods like the Lot Next Door program.

But, parish leaders said it cold cost $1,000 a year per property for maintenance and security during the process, and Council Chairman Guy McInnis said they want financial help from the state.

'We've been through so much, and now it seems like this is something else they're putting on us,' McInnis said.

The ordinances on Tuesday night's agenda include proposals for re-zoning the Road Home properties during the transfer process, and to approve the redevelopment plan and submit it to the state.

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