LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Eric Gordon says the New Orleans Hornets haven't shown the same interest in him that Phoenix did.

Now the Hornets can match the contract offer the Suns made to Gordon, but he'd prefer they didn't.

'This CBA, all this new deal is for me to stay in New Orleans, but hey, the interest wasn't there,' Gordon said Friday after practicing with the U.S. Olympic team. 'So I've just got to move on. And I'm just a basketball player at the end of the day. All I can do is wherever I'm at I've just got to play ball, but as for right now it's going to be for the Phoenix Suns.'

Not if the Hornets decide otherwise.

Gordon agreed to an offer sheet with the Suns this week worth about $58 million over four years. That's not much more than an offer he rejected from the Hornets during the season, but the guard insisted it was the Suns' interest, not their money, that made him to say that 'Phoenix is where my heart is now' after visiting the Suns.

He can sign the deal on July 11 and the Hornets would have three days to match it. After acquiring him as the centerpiece of the Chris Paul trade, it would seem unlikely they would let him go.

'I don't know what they're going do,' Gordon said. 'I don't know what's been their situation since this offseason.'

And if the Hornets do match?

'If they match, then I've got to play basketball,' Gordon said.

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