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The Drew Brees saga is finally over, to the tune of $100 million dollars. The 33-year old quarterback reached a long-term deal with the Saints Friday.

The now-highest-paid-quarterback in the NFL will earn $100 million over the next 5 years.

Brees spoke exclusively with WWL Radio.
'Our pleasure now to welcome in Saints quarterback Drew Brees,' said Kristian Garic, WWL Radio host and Saints sideline reporter.

'I couldn't be happier or more excited this is a pretty surreal moment once you get to this point,' said Brees.

After months of contract negotiations kept Who Dat fans on edge, Brees now says a lot was happening behind the scenes.

'From the start of this negotiation,' said Brees, 'I have not thought once that I wanted to be the highest paid guy or what have you. In the end did the contract end up being that: yes, it did. But it was more about trying to look purely, objectively at the numbers over the last decade for top tier quarterbacks.'

Brees is shattering records -- now the highest paid quarterback in NFL history; it's a title that makes Brees blush.

'My face is turning red right now when you say that, when you talk about the type of contracts that are involved in our league. We played the game of football since we were kids because we love the game of football,' said Brees.

Love for an unpredictable game, which six years ago left Brees nursing a shoulder injury and out of a job.

'It is hard to believe that six years ago that was the circumstances for me. Sitting there wondering if I was going to play football again. Now we're at this point,' said Brees.

'I think that's why you never take anything for granted and enjoy the moment. Enjoy moments like this, they're few and far between. You know how hard you have to work to get to these places.'

With a contract signed, Brees is focused on getting back out on the field. After all, the Black and Gold is headed to the super bowl, right here at home.

'I know our city can handle a lot of events but I just, they would go off their rockers if that happens. And listen, I hope that's the case and I know that's the mindset we take every day.'

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