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To the dismay of many music lovers in New Orleans several popular entertainment venues are having to silence their live music performances.

Those business owners recently learned from the City that they don't have the appropriate live music license.

'Its just disappointing. It's a shame,' said Jim O'Donnell.

Every wednesday, O'Donnell performs for patrons at the Circle Bar on Saint Charles. This week, the musician was forced to put down his instruments in a venue that is all about the music.

'The whole thing centers really around the music, you have a lot of out of town bands that come in and they put on some really big shows. But you also have the happy hour that I do, which is mostly a local following,' said O'Donnell.

Outside a sign highlights the bar's plight. Bar owner Dave Clements says he was recently told by the city that he doesn't have the necessary live music permit. Clements says musicians have been playing here since 1999 and its the first time he's been approached about such a permit.

About three miles away at Siberia the performance stage sits empty. The Saint Claude Avenue bar's live music normally draws big late night crowds.

'Everybody misses the shows. We were able to move most of our bands and most of our major venues to other venues and other places which has been great,' said Siberia Co-owner Daphne Loney who says their live music line up is on-hold while permitting issues with the city can be ironed out. Loney hopes to have live music start back up no later then December.

'We'll be back soon. We're just trying to do it the right way, and we're trying to go through the process the city has put in order for us,' said Loney.

'These two properties were identified as not having their licenses for live entertainment as a result of the Department of Revenue doing a check and inspections of establishments,' said interim director of Safety and Permits, Pura Bascos.

The City says it is not about silencing the music instead it wants to make sure that everyone plays by the book.

'What we're attempting to do is follow what's been put on the books as far as zoning and revenue is concerned,' added Bascos.

Eyewitness News put in a request to the City on Friday to find out how many music venues are not in compliance and is still waiting to hear back from the City of New Orleans.

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