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COVINGTON, La. - A Northshore school that dealt with a violent fight Thursday, had a scare Friday that sent more than 150 kids packing at the start of class.

Covington High School had several police on campus at the start of school following a tip that there would be trouble. Thursday, a teen was sent to the hospital with serious injuries from a beating. The other student involved was booked for attempted secnd-degree murder.

Friday, dozens of students wore blue in support of the injured student, while droves of parents swarmed the campus to check out their kids.

'Very vague threat and we just decided in an abundance of caution to make sure we contacted law enforcement as well as put additional staff at the school,' said St. Tammany Parish Schools Superintendent Trey Folse.

Despite heavy police presence, even before the start of school, attendance was affected.

'Our attendance numbers are down, we had probably 400 students that either didnt come to school today or checked out of school,' said Folse, 'We certainly will work with parents on that. We respect every parent's right to do what they think is best for their child.'

The threat proved to be anything but, and the school day ended uneventfully. The district hopes that carries over to next week.

Folse said, 'I feel confident it was a safe learning environment and I'm hoping on Monday that we can take the weekend for everybody to catch their breath and start school on Monday on a good note.'
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