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NEW ORLEANS - A lost German Shepherd in Lakeview may be mistaken for a coyote, according to Animal Rescue New Orleans.

ARNO representatives attempted to corral the skinny dog walking along the interstate near the Metairie Road entrance ramp in the rain on Saturday. The female dog eventually ended up in the neighborhood near Florida Avenue and Canal Boulevard.

Apparently, a neighborhood watch e-mail was sent out on Saturday, warning residents that a coyote was seen frantically pacing on the neutral ground at Florida and Canal, ARNO said.

'She is not aggressive, not dangerous and she is NOT a coyote, she is a tan with some black on muzzle and body,' ARNO said on Facebook.

ARNO requests that residents report sightings of the dog, so that the group can set a trap in the area. They don't want residents to chase or shoot at the animal.

To get in touch with the group, e-mail or call/text 985-518-6276 with the day, time and location of the sighting.

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