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ALGIERS, La. -- In Algiers, some folks, whose power was restored in the days after Hurricane Isaac, experienced another round of outages Thursday.

Bad timing, neighbors said, for one main reason.

'It's hot,' said Karen Johnson.

Symekia Phillips agreed.

'It's very hot. I have a puppy. I have three kids, two of them with asthma,' she said.

Phillips said she thought the situation was finally resolved when her power came back on a couple days ago.

'Mother Nature, you know, that happens. But now, to just be out of lights for no reason, and when you call Entergy, they don't even have a reason to give you because there is none,' Phillips said.

Thursday, Entergy officials did offer explanations for the rolling outages, being felt in some neighborhoods.

With the power grid back to almost full charge, officials said, faults caused by the storm are surfacing.

Officials also said tree limbs that were knocked loose by Isaac could fall on lines.

In some areas, crews used quick fixes to get power back on as soon as possible, but now, they're going back to make permanent repairs.

With the power off for many in Algiers Thursday, crews continued working in numerous spots around them.

That didn't do much to ease frustrations.

'You know, because you can't really do anything. You got to come out to try to keep cool. You can't do anything inside because of the heat. You know, basically, just the humidity and how hot it is out here,' Johnson said.

According to Entergy officials, the rolling outages could continue into next week.

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