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NEW ORLEANS -- Police are still searching for the man responsible for at least four armed robberies in Faubourg St. John since mid-July.

As detectives try to track down the man responsible, Eyewitness News spoke exclusively with one of the victims, who like many living in the area say the brazen crimes are unusual.

'It was very scary, especially considering it was right in front of where I live,' said the victim, who asked that her identity be kept hidden.

Never in her wildest dreams did the Mid-City woman think she'd be robbed at gunpoint in her neighborhood unloading a Labor Day cooler from her car. The attack happened not far from her front door.

'I actually got out of the car and saw this guy biking by that I didn't recognize. He was eyeing me down, like, really intensely. So I stopped and waited for him to pass. Once he passed I felt like, OK, nothing is going to happen,' said the woman.

Stepping out of her car around 8 p.m. on Sept. 3, the woman says her assailant rode his bicycle around the corner. That is when she thought the coast was clear.

'As I turned around to put my cooler on the ground. He was coming around the corner saying something to me. And so, I said: 'What?' He said: 'Give me everything in your purse.' I was kind of like hesitant, like why, and then I saw the gun, and then was like here's my wallet,' said the woman.

The New Orleans Police Department is investigating four armed robbery cases against women in Faubourg St. John since mid-July.

The most recent attack unfolding on Monday night. Detectives believe a man shown in a computer-generated sketch is responsible for the crimes. He's described as being in his late teens or early 20s, around 5'8' with a medium build and a goatee.

'The same guy. With the same MO. All within two weeks. It makes you kind of hyper sensitive,' said the woman who is especially careful leaving and entering her house.

If you can help NOPD crack this case, call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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