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BRAITHWAITE, La. - Suzanne Shaffer didn't mince words Sunday, when talking about the person responsible for breaking into Lynn Oaks Elementary and stealing thousands of dollars worth of donations intended for victims of Hurricane Isaac.

'Just sick, heartless, no conscience,' she said. 'I can't fathom it.'

As detectives searched the scene for clues, Suzanne Shaffer showed us the now empty room, which was once stocked with items like diapers, cleaning supplies, and clothes.

For Shaffer, the crime hits hard.

The supplies were going to be sent to victims in Braithwaite -- her hometown.

'I wanted to just cry, because I'm doing it as a volunteer, helping my son, who started this with his cousin and sister. Meanwhile, I don't have a house. I lost my home in Braithwaite. I'm here every day. I haven't been salvaging anything,' Shaffer said.

Organizers estimate around $15,000 worth of supplies are now gone, including a stockpile of items intended for Braithwaite-area firefighters and their families.

'It was toiletries, medication, razors, just everything necessities,' Shaffer said. 'I was gonna bring it to them [Monday,] with the help of some men, load it up in a truck and bring it to their station at Woodlawn and let them take as they needed -- and I didn't even get that chance.'

While an investigation begins to find a suspect, Shaffer will keep working to hopefully recoup some of the stolen goods.

She said her efforts have been therapeutic, in a time of hardship for her own family.

'It makes me feel good to be here, just to help other people, and I think it's keeping me going, mainly,' Shaffer said.

The supply site at Lynn Oaks Elementary will reopen Monday at 9:00am.

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