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NEW ORLEANS -- A federal judge in New Orleans has granted a request by the NFL Players Association to withdraw its motion for temporary injunctive relief.

The NFLPA sued on behalf of Saints defensive end Will Smith, former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita and former Saints defensive end Anthony Hargrove. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended the players for participating in an alleged pay to injure, bounty system. They wanted the suspensions overturned.

Last Friday, a Collective Bargaining Appeals Panel vacated the penalties. It ruled Goodell lacked the authority to impose discipline for unauthorized compensation, or money that might have been paid under the bounty plan.

Tuesday, Smith and Hargrove met with the commissioner regarding the bounty penalties. Fujita's meeting for Tuesday was postponed. Goodell will now decide whether to reinstate the suspensions, lessen the sanctions or let the ruling of the appeals panel stand.

Judge Ginger Berrigan granted the withdrawal motion without prejudice which means the NFLPA can re-urge the request if necessary at a later date.

Meanwhile, Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who filed the original suit against the NFL, has not asked that his motion for a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction be withdrawn. His season-long suspension was also vacated by the appeals panel.

Vlima met with Goodell on Monday. Afterwards, he told reporters he hoped the meeting would be a turning point in the case.

In that meeting, the NFL produced a sworn affidavit from former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams stating that Vilma placed a $10,000 bounty on Brett Favre.

That affidavit was signed last week, which clearly angered Vilma, as he Tweeted, 'You obviously want me to be guilty if you can't see that Gregg was bullied to sign the affidavit. He signed three days ago! #weakattempt.'

Vilma's attorneys have now subpoenaed Williams to get more information about the affidavit.

They expect Goodell's ruling to be early next week.

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